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Up to one dollars!
Published on 27-03-2019

Now we pay up to a wopping 1 dollar per valid paid to signup offer.....

Earn free advertising!
Published on 23-02-2019

Get these bonuses while surfing the trafficexchange

Surf 25 sites and get 100 ptc credits

surf35 sites and get 5000 bannercredits

this bonuses is available daily,surf the pages in same surf session


Trafficexchange and referralcontest
Published on 11-01-2019

Noe we pay mebers $.15 for every 1000 sites surfed in trafficexchange

you don,t need to sur all these 1000 sites in one session.


Referral Contes has begun today


Site under construction
Published on 09-01-2019 ptc site is still under construction

its possible to signup,refer and earn

its possible to advertise

site launch soon....

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