Frequently Asked Questions
Share your Referral Link and Earn a % of what your Referral Earns?

When a person uses your url either you give it to them or maybe you add one of our banners with your referral link as the url or maybe you buy some ptc ads and use your url. When they come through your url and they signup at our site you will be there referrer on there account. This will allow you to earn a Percentage of what they earn off of PTC ads and the Offerwalls. How much you earn off of them depends on your membership level. You can get referrals by folowing ways

-Promote your affilate link,the banners you may find them inside your account

-Buy referrals ,you must log in ,add funds then purchase the referrals when they are available

-Rent referrals for a period of 30 days.Log in add funds and rent the referrals. All signups without a referrer is the referrals who are available to buy or rent.

What is the difference between Cash Balance and Purchase Balance?

Cash Balance is the cash that you can withdraw at anytime. Purchase Balance is used to buy stuff like referrals, advertising, membership upgrades, play games and more...

-You can NOT withdraw money that in in your Purchase Balance.

-You can transfer money from cash balance to purchase balance.

Do I need to invest before i can cashout?

No! Just reach the min payout and min clicks required , you find the paout options inside your account and how many clicks you need to do before cashingout.

Do i have to click ads in order to earn from my referrals the next day?


Is spamming accepted?

No , no spam of any kind is not accepted

Can i have more than one account ?

No! Multiple accounts from same IP will be deleted

How often can i click ads?

You can click ads at once every 24 hours.The ads will be reseted at midnight at server time

How long can i be inactive?

You can be inactive without loging in max 30 days then your accout suspends.

Can i change my username?


Why are some of my referrals gone?

Some of your referrals has been inactive over 30 days and been suspended.

Some of your referrals has deleted theirs account at them self

Some of your referral cheated and got deleted by staff

How can i advertise on

You must have an account at Moneybux,log in to your account and click on the addfunds button. Add the sums of money you want to add and choose the paymenprocessor.Follow the instructions given. At any problems add a ticket .

Are the visitors guaranteed?

All visitors from the ptc sections is guaranteed 24 hours unique.Even outsid click is coming but not guaranteed. Outsideclicks is when non member visits monebux and click your ptc ad.(free traffic)

What can not be advertised?

-Adult content -framebreakers

-racism -forced downloads

-popups -political propaganda

-religous propaganda


We are a familyfriendly PTC site.

Funding account and purchases

All funding and purchases is final,no refunds will be given.

Anycind of disputes of this will suspend your account.


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